Misson Statement:

At HEISEI GAKUEN, we realize the importance of our students' playing and doing activities with CHEER, JOY, AND DILLIGENCE.
We put our efforts into providing a foundational education that encourages students' independence as well as cooperation with others.
In order to achieve this goal HEISEI GAKUEN has set 5 principles, listed below, to prompt students' self-motivation.

Early childhood is a critical period where children grow drastically both inside and out, and build the foundations which will carry them into adulthood.
It cannot be emphasized enough that for this reason, the people your children meet and the environments in which they spend their time both strongly influence their futures.

We believe that an ideal education is the result of a system within which children sense and learn through interactions with nature, people, and environments.
This is what we call "non-teaching education" in which children sense and acquire knowledge by using their five senses without even realizing it.
Through "non-teaching education" children naturally learn through playing and play through learning. Therefore, at HEISEI GAKUEN, teachers and staff are constantly striving to create the best environment for our students by modeling appropriate behaviors at all times.

With hope for every child's abundant growth, we prepare enriched educational environments and are looking forward to meeting you and your children.

Heisei Gakuen's 5 principles:
  1. Sit up straight all of the time.
  2. Greet others spontaneously and clearly.
  3. Answer "ハイ" enthusiastically.
  4. Push in your chair after standing up.
  5. Line up your shoes after taking them off.