Percentage of children with developmental regression (top) and2012.03.30

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pandora jewellery No significant trends by year of birth were found in the percentages of children with autism who had bowel symptoms (odds ratio 0.98, 95% confidence interval 0.93 to 1.04; P=0.50) or with regression (0.98, 0.93 to 1.03; P=0.47) during the 20 years from 1979, a period during which the MMR vaccine was introduced (October 1988) in the United Kingdom (figure). The proportion with regression or bowel problems by year of birth showed a similar pattern for childhood and atypical cases (data not shown).Percentage of children with developmental regression (top) and bowel symptoms (bottom) by year of birthOpen in new tabThe single and multivariable logistic regression models confirmed no association between MMR vaccination and regression or bowel symptoms. The table compares children who received the vaccine before their parents became concerned about their development with those who received it only after concern, and those who never received it. pandora jewellery

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