She’s just too much of an idiot to realize how lame her2012.11.28

One of the main characters is an “archdemon” who thinks being evil means playing stupid little pranks or pushing the envelope by doing things like (gasp!) not putting a bottle cap in a separate recycling container from the bottle or deliberately not doing her homework. She’s just too much of an idiot to realize how lame her efforts are, and she’s so incompetent that she gets her melon bread stolen from her by a dog (and apparently on multiple occasions, too). Less entertaining is the very pleasant, very responsible devil who only accidentally does bad things, but Raphiel more than makes up for it by being the classic “outwardly pleasant pretty girl with a secret sadistic streak.” The way she picks on people for her personal amusement (often in the guise of being ditzy) makes her more genuinely devilish than either of the two actual infernal creatures, and she’s the 2 ranked angel in her class.And then there’s the titular character, whose fall from grace is magnificent in its earthiness.

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